Crypto Escape Rooms – Kilgore Cabin

Crypto Escape Rooms is located in Newmarket, just off the 404, on Davis Dr.  Its located on the upper floor of a building shared with a bowling alley.  We revived Team MarDi for the occasion (since they live near the area).  We were greeted by GMs Stephen, Mags and new staff, who still made time for us even though they were running a busy Sat afternoon.

Creativity and Design: Did it sell the story / theme?
Summary:  Definitely a top-notch immersive experience, the team has outdone themselves

+ great intro video that prepares you for what’s to come
+ The set design and storytelling tech was solid.  A richly immersive experience
+ A great horror-based room that is consistently creepy rather than a ‘quick scare’
+ Fantastic environmental effects that enhance the experience

Bells and Whistles: Was it more than lockboxes?
Summary:  Tech, tech and more tech

+ No tech hiccups and No lockboxes
+ Intuitive uses of tech applied to puzzles
+ Well-timed story elements that play well with the set design.
+ This is the heaviest tech room yet, a joy for tech enthusiasts.

Intuitive:  Did you have to be inside the designer’s mind to solve it?
Summary:  I can’t believe it’s not butter  

+ A very polished experience, with enough guidance.  We didn’t need hints
+ Heavily task-based, which is accessible to newbies
+ Requires good team communication and encourages teamwork.
+ The hint system involved turning on a switch, which we didn’t need.

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

GMs Stephen, Chris and their budding team are always a pleasure to chat with. The quality of their builds and maturity as designers is really showing now.  They hope to have a new game in the next few months.  But already we can see the drastic changes in the operations since we last saw them (they literally have automation everywhere).  For a small, but sturdy team, they run a well-oiled machine.

The price is $25 / person, which is one of the best price-for-experiences in the GTA.  When enthusiasts ask for GTA recommendations Crypto is a safe-bet and always in our top 3.

Overall:  Kilgore, do it.  You won’t regret it… Unless you scare easily.

For more information check out:
1220 Stellar Drive Unit #206
Newmarket, ON