Escape Trip 2019 – New Orleans/Baton Rouge

Trying to do over 20 reviews from our trips in 2019 seems a bit daunting, so we’ll do our best to give some guidance based on our own experiences.  Big shoutouts to our friends who gave us advice on what to cherry pick.

With our fellow Diva Manpans (from Room Escape Divas) we decided to take a trip to New Orleans to try out some of the top rooms in TERPECA 2018

Lucky for us New Orleans and Houston had a good handful of those rooms, so we ventured south for good food and good times.

Facility – Escape My Room
Rooms: Smuggler’s Den, Inventor’s Attic, Mardi Gras Study, Jazz Parlour

Escape My Room is doing something magical as a whole.  End-to-End the gamemaster is an actor that plays the part of immersing you into the investigative role you’ll be playing throughout the experience.  Inventor’s Attic was definitely our favourite with Mardi Gras Study being our least favourite.   There is a little something for everyone, but the consistency in immersion is their strong point.

– Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Rooms: Escape Extinction: Sharks

While in New Orleans we got to do the almost released version of Escape Extinction: Sharks at the Aquarium right near the French Quarter.  The designers  from Escape My Room designed the experience, who were nice enough to let us try it out.  Overall it was an experience that fits the educational and fun qualities that are feel more amusement park-like, while still being escape-like.  High production, great quality and highly recommended if you are in the area.

Facility – Clue Carre
Rooms: French Quarter House of Curiousities, The Game Museum

Clue Carre has 3 locations across New Orleans, but at the time only 2 were open.  The House of Curiousities was a fun experience especially as our first in the area.  The gameplay was smooth and a good middle-of-the-road experience that we didn’t find anything we didn’t like about it.  The Game Museum was definitely a lower budget room, however it tapped into the old-school gamers of the Divas as we got to relive some very fun gaming moments.  The Game Museum might not be for everyone, but it was pitched just right for us.

Facility – 13th Gate – (which is in Baton Rouge… but close enough)
Rooms: Tomb of Anubis, The Collector, Agent 13, Cutthroat Cavern, The Asylum

13th Gate was one of the main reasons for our trip.  From various friends we’ve heard only good things about their rooms.   Months before the trip Ruby and I tried out a version of Tomb of Anubis in Montreal that had been bought from 13th Gate.   It lived up to the shock-and-awe, so it hyped up the trip for us.This is how we’d rank the rooms overall.  This is based on overall gameplay, set design, how they applied themselves.a) The Asylum

b) Cutthroat Cavern
c) Agent 13
d) Tomb of Anubis
e) The CollectorCutthroat Cavern and Tomb of Anubis are MUST SEEs irregardless of what other people recommend.  We struggled with the gameplay in these rooms as they were some of the earlier designs.  Later we realized that they were set designers first and puzzle people after, which became more clear that their were significant design improvements as we tried their newer rooms.  Even if you are puzzle-centric, I would advise to try it out for the experience.

The Asylum, was the smoothest and newest room, which the owners were very gracious in letting us try it (thank you again!).

I would highly advise you find a group of 4 to go with before booking these rooms, 13th Gate has a strict policy of having at least that many when doing some of their rooms (we had a bit of a hiccup there).


When we arrived, our Uber driver said that in terms of food, you can walk into any restaurant and have great food.  Similarly we can say that with any of these rooms, you’ll probably have a fun experience.

We want to thank and give a shout out to some friends who gave us great advice, without them we would have been spinning our wheels in terrible games.  Thank you Scott Nicholson, David and Lisa from Room Escape Artist and Jonathan from Escaparium.