Escape Trip 2019 – Montreal

** Sorry for the delay, COVID has basically put our lives on pause, but as everything is slowly starting up again, we decided to prioritize our last few reviews.  With Quebec being open, we wanted to share our previous trip.

With not many escape rooms to do in the Toronto area we ventured off to Montreal to try some enthusiast approved rooms.  Luckily we also dodged one of the biggest storms of 2019, until our drive home.  On this trip we had Ken and Ada join us, who are escape owners and amazing people, which made the trip only more enjoyable.

Facility – Escaparium

Rooms: Bernie’s Block, The Golden Jubilee, The Final Stop, The Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa

After hearing that Escaparium was opening a new location in Laval, we knew we wanted to visit.  Each of the rooms we did (Bernie’s, Golden Jubilee, Final Stop) were all top notch rooms with superb set design and fun interactive environments.   Final Stop was probably the smoothest in terms of gameplay, while Bernie’s was the most original thematically.  Overall, Escaparium Laval is worth the trip.

– Codex

Rooms: The Night of the Wolf and the Serpent, Reflection of Madness, Space Graveyard

Probably one of the most talked about facilities (other than Escaparium) is Codex.   I’d imagine Codex is what Escaparium version 1.0 was.   Great set design and you can tell there was a lot of thought and effort put into their games.  Night of the Wolf and Serpent AND Reflection of Madness were basically every sci-fi and fantasy fans’ dream.  I would highly recommend both rooms to anyone visiting Montreal.

Facility – Mission Morpheous
Rooms: Atlantis, Bloody Mary

We enjoyed our previous visit to Mission Morpheous.  These are the most puzzle heavy rooms we’ve done in all our travels.  A good analogy would be spicy foods, if you have a taste for it you’ll probably crave places like this one.  On that note Atlantis is like those “Armageddon wings” that you and your 20 year old buddies decided to dare each other to do.   Our friends were two escape room owners (that design their own puzzles) and Gilles (who is a escape/puzzle enthusiast from Ottawa) and we still struggled.   Overall it was good, for puzzlers, but not so great for us.   Bloody Mary was a bit better for us, and probably our favourite room at Mission Morpheous.


Overall : If you haven’t been to Montreal yet, you’re missing out on one of the best cities to do escape rooms.  This trip we basically cherry picked the best of what we haven’t already done, and none of them were bad apples.  You may need a car/Uber to get around, but there are so many great rooms (and food) for a great Escape trip!