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April 09

Omescape – Mysterious Study – EGT, ERA, EGR Review.

On our most recent return to Omescape we were joined by fellow bloggers Will and Jo from (EGT) and our friends at (ERA), Errol and Manda.  It was great to chat it up with fellow enthusiasts, and we all left satisfied with the experience. For our entire review of Omescape click here, otherwise the rest of this will […]

March 30

Escaping March – Camping and Being Naughty

Puzzle Hunt  – Puzzle Hunt finished off this week.  We’ve been hearing interesting stories, and seeing a lot of dedicated teams power through some of the harder puzzles.  Good job guys and good luck to everyone.  We’ll see you on the other side of Puzzle 14!

February 03

Escaping January 2015 – Fun Theme, Dark Theme.

So this weekend we decided to revisit two sites!

January 16

Seven Rooms

Seven Rooms is located on the edge of Markham in a commercial area.  They are one of the new entries into the Markham area since November.  The interesting thing is that they also promote Bubble Tea, Mahjong and a sneaker display (imagine a small corner of the building dedicated to just showing shiny sneakers). When […]

Mid-January 2015 – More reviews to come!

Hey everyone, so this week has been a bit out of the ordinary and did a few new rooms!

NextRelic, News and More

So we went a little cray cray this Saturday, so here’s where we went.

Old favourites

50 posts and over 25 Escape Venues later, we still find ourselves going back to our first love ESC-IT.

December 02


Omescape is located in Markham, just near the 404 – Steeles exit.  Omescape is a franchise from big cities like Beijing and San Francisco.  We were invited to check out their facility which we were eager to visit since it was our first franchise review.

Xscape Zone

Xscape Zone is located in Markham in a new complex that includes a T&T and a condo.  My wife (who has been quite the escape room detective lately) discovered them on facebook but had a hardtime confirming their address.  Word of mouth also pointed us in their direction, so we booked them for a sunday-night […]

November 11

Origin Room Break

Origin Room Break (aka ORB) is located in my hometown of Richmond Hill in a plaza that is/was home to favourites like the Grande Cheese Factory, China Buffet King, Blockbuster, and H-Mart (a korean grocer).  My wife discovered Origin Room Break by accident on a facebook search and we booked it right away.  Unfortunately we didn’t […]