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June 21

More rooms and not enough reviews

Hello!  Its been a while but we feel more worldly after trying some top notch escapes.  We have a bunch of rooms we will be reviewing for Toronto and the GTA and may do an overview of our recent Buffalo, New Orleans and Houston trip.  These are some of the rooms we have done.  If […]

September 10

EGR: Year Three

Year 3 was full of many new and enriching experiences . Ruby and I finally got to travel abroad and do some escape rooms… I guess running out of escapes is great motivation to travel. An exciting milestone was hosting a Room Escape Diva podcast at Transworld’s Room Escape Conference in Niagara Falls, Buffalo.  Between […]

September 11

EGR: Year Two

We’ve been running this little blog for 2 years and it’s still getting hits somehow.  Last year we did a summary post (mostly for ourselves, kind of like a diary entry?)… So (assuming we make it to year 3) I figured we’d recap our adventures for the year. Canadian Caper and more fun times This time last year we were gearing up for […]

March 04

Surveys, Graphs and Weddings

Hi everyone its been a while since we wrote one of these.  We’ve been busy working on a number of fun projects, but we just wanted to share a few quick things with you 1) The our friends at ERA have come up with a survey for you Escapers. 2) Errol has worked his magical […]

July 27

Escaping July – Waterloo/Kitchener Trip!

So at this point (we believe) we’ve tried each venue in the GTA.  Looking to get our fix for the weekend we asked ourselves.. Where do we go next?   We were initally planning a trip out to London, but some of their rooms required a minimum of 3 players (and only my wife and I were […]

July 02

Escaping July – Canadian Caper

So we’ve been working on a little project for the last few months.  We’re part of a team that’s going to host a One-Day-Only Theatrical Live Escape Event. The Theme is a Speakeasy set in the 1920’s that is run by the Don. It’ll be a large format game where you will be in the room […]

June 27

Escaping June – Reviews and Fun things

So as you probably noticed we’ve posted just a few reviews over the last couple of days, we have at least another handful to go.  We’ve been busy working on another side project that we’ll reveal very soon! So it seems quite a few places have been keeping busy and ramping up for potential PAN AM game traffic. Trapped! […]

CBC Radio: Spark !

We are going to be on the radio!

February 27

Escaping February – the Big Bang Theory, Niagara Tour, and Team-ups

So this weekend we’re off to our Niagara tour with Team Malan.  A few readers particularly “Team Undefeated” (a local Niagara team who has a 12-1 record of escaping) has given us a heads up of the hot spots there.  Luckily we get to try most of them!  Look forward to some reviews next week.

February 17

Escaping February – Bombs and Time Travel

So this long weekend has had a few interesting and fun twists, here’s what happened.