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February 11

Escaping February – Did you know?

So we’ve been getting some great feedback with some of our readers on their time at LockQuest.  One thing Gamemaster Ryan mentioned that return players will be able to participate in “Overkeyer mode”.  Ryan explained that it would allow return players (with a large group) to come back and stay in the LockQuest command center to watch and […]

Escaping February 2015 – Escape Timeline

Have you ever wondered which place was the first to open or when the escape booms happened? The guys at Escape Room Addict have created this awesome infographic (with the help of EscapistTO, and partly us as well). I can hear my wallet groaning in as I read this list, Good (expensive) times.  In the meantime if you like it.. Share it […]

Escaping January 2015 – Doctors, Zombies and the plague.

Ok so maybe not the plague per se, but one of us is definitely coming down with a cold.  We were planning a big trip to go out of the city but a couple of our plans derailed.  Instead we stayed in the city for good eats (Porchetta & Co) and one new game and one old […]

Escaping January 2015 – Jan 22, 2015

Adventure Rooms is opening up their new location (in Niagara Falls) and third room “The Missing Finger” tomorrow! If you’ve been having trouble booking them like we have, you might want make your way there.  (Oh and maybe check out the falls while you’re there. )

Mid-January 2015 – continued

So we didn’t get a chance to review Xtreme Escape Adventures like we planned, but we still managed to find one more room to cap off our week.

Mid-January 2015 – More reviews to come!

Hey everyone, so this week has been a bit out of the ordinary and did a few new rooms!

NextRelic, News and More

So we went a little cray cray this Saturday, so here’s where we went.

Old favourites

50 posts and over 25 Escape Venues later, we still find ourselves going back to our first love ESC-IT.

Happy New Year!

Its been a great holiday season, but now it’s back to business and more importantly escaping.   We didn’t get to escape as much as planned, but played a few fun ones over the holidays.

Our adventures so far…

We got bored and started to map out all the places we have been to thus far and holy cannoli we’ve really circled the GTA. We’ve found that most people aren’t as addicted as us and focus on the geographical locations, so hopefully this map helps (we even added stars for ‘Our Top Spots’ and […]