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August 16

The Crux Niagara – Clara

The Crux (Niagara) is located in Downtown Niagara  on Victoria Ave, just 5-10 minutes from the touristy parts of Niagara.  We went with the other Divas (Errol and Manda), right after we left Transworld conference (which we did a live podcast recording).  Greeted by the Crux staff and some other (slack) enthusiasts, we were itching to get […]

July 12

#REDivas EP42 – 1/2 way through Terminus

It’s been a while! The divas have been working on Terminus, which is an escape event on a moving train. At the time of this recording, they had finished two events and have a lot of stories to tell. They also discuss some experiences with other escape rooms they have done. In the future, when […]

March 15

Omescape – Virus Outbreak: The Final Hour

Omescape Scarborough is located in Scarborough, just off the 401 and Kennedy.  We were eager to try their latest game (in their new location) after an amazing time with Project Sphere.  This time we brought our ace players: Team Kayphen and Chewy.  The new facility is very spacious and offers a new game (not escape related) called […]

December 02

#REDivas EP 27 -“Ask Why” – ER Design /w Scott Nicholson

Dr. Scott Nicholson joins us again to talk about his newest paper – Ask Why: Creating a Better Player Experience through. Environmental Storytelling and Consistency in Escape Room. We also chat about 5 Wits and Boda Borg (which doesn’t sound so appealing to us)! Don’t miss out on this episode, especially if you are an escape room […]

October 21

#REDivas EP23 -Scary Escape Rooms

It’s our Halloween Episode! We chat about scary escape rooms, costume ideas, and other fun stuff.  Mike helped write the lyrics for the parody! If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please let us know at

October 03

#REDivas EP21 -Escape Room Enthusiast Survey

This week we discuss the results of the Escape Room Enthusiast survey (which you can follow the survey and the results on  The results might surprise you.

September 16

#REDivas EP19 – Family Focused Escape Rooms with Christine Hibbard

In Episode 19 Errol and Manda chat with (the awesome) Christine Hibbard, owner of Looking Glass Adventures.  You might remember her from our Gamemaster Spotlight of Looking Glass. They discuss children, family building, conferences and of course escape rooms.  Unfortunately Ruby and I couldn’t be there this episode to hangout.. but there is lots of great info for Family-Focused […]

August 19

#REDivas EP16 – Let’s Play Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

SPOILERS ALERT: Do not listen to this podcast if you haven’t played the game! The Divas do a walkthrough of Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor, an Escape the Room board game created by Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau. We also give our impressions at the tail-end. A BIG thanks to Christine of Looking Glass Adventures for providing […]

July 20

#REDivas Ep13 – Road Trip with Scott Nicholson

We get another chance to do Escape Rooms with Scott Nicholson, who gives his input on some of the good and bad that Kitchener had to offer. Errol also asked the Enthusiast group for some questions, and we try to tackle them! Also a big announcement! For stories about trains, vaults and more, check out […]

July 12

#REDivas Ep 12 – The Puzzle Hunt Community with Dan Egnor

An intro to the puzzle hunt community by Dan Egnor, who runs the Puzzle Hunt Calendar, the first Escape Room Directory in North America, and also a member of the design team for many puzzle hunts including BANG 35. Without Dan’s directory, we wouldn’t have found half the escape rooms that we’ve done. We talk about […]