Our Top Spots

UPDATE JULY 31, 2015

Places that have a large lobby (great for large groups/corporate events)

Omescape – Markham (Woodbine/Hw 7)
Offers a great boardgame selection, Bubble Tea, food and seating.

Freeing Canada – Richmond Hill (Yonge/16th)
A nice open space that serves drinks, snacks and massive storage lockers.

Riddle Room – Downtown (Yonge/Wellesley)
Nice booths and tables setup with cafe quality drink options, boardgames, retro games and food.

Escape Games – Downsview (Allen Road/Sheppard)
Large space and great boardgames.  They also have a nice cooler with many drink options.

Captive Escape Rooms – Downtown (Yonge/Dundas) & Mississauga (Burnhamthorpe/Mavis)
Nice open spaces in both locations.  Great for hosting large groups for multiple games.

De Code Adventures – Mississauga (401/Erin Mills)
Good drink and boardgame options.  A large space that is also used for their large format games.

Perplexity Escape Games – Brampton (410/Steeles)
A large area hosted by great staff.


Rooms for a large group (6 or more)

Liberty Squad – Breakout Team Adventures
Brilliant set design and excellent use of technology.  The gem of the east side.

Kingdom of Cats/Joker’s Asylum/Mysterious Study – Omescape

A well put together and polished experience. The Kingdom of Cats is also kid friendly

Claustrophobia Trapped!
(the one on Dundas, only allows 6 people)
Fun elements and emphasis on team communication.  Located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Escape the Book Club Killer – LockQuest

Inventive and Interactive.  The staff and the puzzles will keep you funstrated!

De Triad Code – De Code Adventures
(for groups 7 or larger, they have a competition mode)
Multiple modes of play and allows both the analytical and observational team members ample participation.

Escape From the Time Travel Lab – Real Escape Game

If you’re a fan of time travel or not this game will get your heart racing!

Haunting of Noriko/The Unknown – Escape Games

High production value, and overall a good time for the dollar. Also great for large groups.

Cabinet of Curiousities- Captive 
The Cabinet of Curiousities is good for large or small groups and located in the heart of downtown.

Rooms that are economically fun ( Under $20/Person )

The Prison Break – AT Escape
One of our favourite places overall also holds the title for our favourite Prison Escape Room.

Space – iEscaped
Simple and fun! Good for a date night or something you can bring your kids to.