October 30

Escape Maze – The Shaft (2017)

We’ve fast-tracked this review (we’re in a serious backlog) to share with you this great room before it closes (the Shaft is normally open for 1 day a month for the year, but this year they are headed a different direction.. see more below). “The Shaft” is located in the basement of the Escape Maze barn.  […]

October 16

#REDivas EP50 – The Worst Escape Room Ever

This week we talk about “The Worst Escape Room Ever”, and that’s saying alot for people who’ve played over 200 rooms (each).  They may decide on opening it again, so be aware that there will be spoilers.  And if you’ve heard of one worse than that, contact us! You can read our initial take HERE . […]

October 03

Alcatraz Escape Rooms – Sleepy Hollow

Alcatraz is located in Hamilton Ontario. We were on a trip to re-conquer the Hamilton region and this was our second stop of a #REDivas day out (featuring the original diva).  We were running late because of our previous game, but the GM was accommodating and fast-tracked us in the room.

September 30

#REDivas EP49 – Interview /w Escape this Podcast

This week is sort of a mashup. First, we got to be guests on Escape This Podcast! Basically you play along with their “on-air” escape rooms using no more than a pen and paper and interact with the gamemaster. We were featured in their 10th episode: Trapped in Tomorrow, Today! You can even download the game […]

September 28

Keymasters Escape Rooms – Mad Scientists

Keymasters is located in Hamilton Ontario pretty close the QEW on the way to Niagara. We were on a trip to re-conquer the Hamilton region and this was our first stop of a #REDivas day out (featuring the original diva).  After a quick and fairly impressive intro video, we were off.

September 26

#REDivas EP48 – ERs in Libraries and Schools with Donald Dennis

We had Donald Dennis back again, and he talks about creating escape rooms in schools and libraries.  He is the host for Games in Schools and Libraries and knows many resources to utilize to get such a program running up in your location! And the parody today was written and sung by Manda Whitney (Errol was excited […]

September 10

EGR: Year Three

Year 3 was full of many new and enriching experiences . Ruby and I finally got to travel abroad and do some escape rooms… I guess running out of escapes is great motivation to travel. An exciting milestone was hosting a Room Escape Diva podcast at Transworld’s Room Escape Conference in Niagara Falls, Buffalo.  Between […]

September 08

#REDivas EP47 – Escape Room Design: Intro to Story and Narrative

In this episode Manda gives an intro talk on Story and Narrative in escape rooms!  If you attended her seminar at the 2017 Unconference in Brantford, this might sound familiar. A great primer for any NEW owners or just a fun listen. Don’t miss it: http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2017/9/8/47-escape-room-design-intro-to-story-and-narrative

September 08

The Crux – Saboteur

This is a bit of a tricky to write about because “The Crux” has recently joined forces with “The ? Adventure”, however we played when it was the latter (so we’ll talk about our experience as is).  We were on a trip to re-conquer the Hamilton region and this was our final stop of the […]

September 01

#REDivas EP46 – Historical Escapes with Escape Maze and Scott Nicholson

The Divas do a public podcast at Escape Maze during #Escapemazeday ! Jake Walling and Fred Preddy, owners of Escape Maze, along with Dr. Scott Nicholson to talk about Historical Escapes and upcoming projects! http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2017/9/1/46-historical-escapes-with-escape-maze-and-scott-nicholson