November 30

Room Escape Ottawa – Stranded

Room Escape Ottawa is located outside the downtown core in Ottawa.  It was our first of many escapes on our Montreal 2018 trip (which included a stop-over in Ottawa).  Joining us was Gilles, an Enthusiast who has traveled between Ottawa and parts of Quebec , and his daughter.  We had heard mixed reviews from this particular […]

November 30

#REDivas EP75 – 13 Rules For Escape Room Puzzle Design

The Divas get together to discuss Errol’s post 13 Rules for Escape Room Puzzle Design. You may want to read the document first, because we reference it a lot!

November 30


Escape Games Canada had a second location in Mississauga located in a business park.  At some point they dissociated themselves with (what i’m assuming is their partners) and now it is “Survive the Night”.  If you’ve been to the previous iteration, imagine all of the tech removed from the village, and that is what Survive […]

October 29

#REDivas EP74 – Room Escape Artist and their Amazing Friends

Errol was in Los Angeles and he had a wonderful time. In this episode, he meets up with a number of escape room enthusiasts and interviews as many as he can. He also gets distracted a lot. Here is a list of people interviewed: David and Lisa Spira of Room Escape Artist Tammy McLeod Amanda […]

October 29

Montreal – 2017/2018

So we’re trying something a little different, we’ve been to Montreal now for two separate trips, but rather than give reviews of each room at each location, we’ll summarize it in one sitting. Overall Montreal has many amazing escapes, overall the attention to set design is much higher, with more emphasis on A-Ha puzzles (over […]

October 25

#REDivas EP73 – ER Software /w David Hernly

In this episode, Errol gets into a nerd competition with David Hernly. They also talk about escape room software and David’s own Mythric Mystery Master, a software platform for running escape rooms!

October 23

#REDivas EP72 – The Escape Room Industry in Asia with Yolanda Chiu

Escape Rooms pretty much started in Asia, and their market has matured over the years. The Divas have a great chat with Yolanda Chiu of Asia Escape Game. She’s from Taiwan and has been doing research on the escape room industry in Asia. Manda first met her when Yolanda gave a talk about at Up The Game 2018. […]

October 23

Panic Factory – Worst Case Ontario

Panic Factory is located in Courtice Ontario, in a strip plaza on King St.  Its had been a while since our last visit, but we finally got to play Worst Case Ontario.  We went with the Divas to round out our team.

October 01

#REDivas EP71 – Errol Visits Boston

Errol and his family went to Boston! There, they met up with some other enthusiasts (Lisa and David Spira, James Cobalt), checked out Make Way for Ducklings statues, and also did eight escape rooms. It was an expensive trip but fun! Listen in as Errol talks and talks and talks about his experiences with Boston Escape Rooms. […]

October 01

Escape Ok – Temple

Escape Ok is located in Richmond Hill just north of Major Mac on Yonge St, in an old plaza by an All-Star wings.  A relatively new entry to the escape scene, we asked around, but none of our friends had tried it.  This time we went with Team K-Pop and decided to do a back-to-back […]