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December 04

Gamemaster Spotlight – Escape Maze

“Impressed” is probably understating what we thought of Escape Maze on our visit.  We had just finished our Ottawa weekend of escapes so we were somewhat jaded and expecting something derivative.  Escape Maze was everything but.  The clever thing is they incorporated the rich history in that region and made it part of their escapes. […]

December 02


If you’ve been heavily escaping like us, you might really like this promo. Esc Room Addict & Escape Games Review are proud to announce… ESCAPE THE GTA! WHAT IS ESCAPE THE GTA? A cross-promotional opportunity to receive 25% off some of the GTA’s top rated escape room companies: Escape Maze, Escape From The 6, Looking […]

November 13

Escape Maze – A Complete Review – By Manda

We are happy to share this review from our friend and Expert Escaper, Manda Whitney (you can check out her blog here).  Manda is an expert in immersion and storytelling, so if she says something is immersive, you can bet it is top-notch.  If you plan on visiting Peterborough’s Finest Escape, you should definitely give this […]

August 15

Escape Maze – One Room Schoolhouse

Escape Maze is located in Peterborough on farm land.  We were on our drive back from our Ottawa trip and planned to stop by to finish our tour.  It seemed the GPS was leading us to the middle of nowhere but we ended up on a farm with a small barn that said “Escape Maze”. […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

So at this point we have explored most of what the GTA has to offer, but haven’t visited everywhere.  Here’s a quick list of where we have yet to go , and why we’re excited or why we haven’t gone yet.