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ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts Revisited

We decided to revisit ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts after our adventures last week to see how they measured up.  Both ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts reviews have been updated for the new rooms (Mission Museum and Entrapment).

Mr. Escape

Mr. Escape is located at the North-West corner of Woodbine and John.  A little hard to find as it is in the back of that building complex, but its easy to catch the sign.

Toronto Room Escape Master List

Hey everyone, i thought i’d share this link with you.  Its a comprehensive list of all the Room Escapes in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) From EscapistTO.  Enjoy! Toronto Room Escape Master List.

Decipher Rooms

Decipher Rooms was recommended to us from the good folks at Prison Breaker.  It was great to see some camaraderie in the business side of things, because the fact is that after you have completed all the rooms from one place, you either wait for them to create a new room or are left to […]

Mission 45

Mission 45 is located in a plaza beside a mattress store.  Which i’m told used to be a sushi restaurant.  We called ahead and only had a group of 3 so they only had Mr. Locksmith available.  We were told we needed a group of 5, to play Prison Break or Curse of the Pharaohs.

Prison Breaker

Prison Breaker is located in the same plaza as Pacific Mall (just on the surrounding plaza aka Market Village).  We came here after our experience in Locked-IN , which I recommend you read that through.

Locked-In Room Escape

Locked-In is located just across the street from Pacific Mall (if you don’t know where that is you don’t have enough Asian friends).  We only tried the Secret level, which was their hardest room, however it was vexing on many levels.

Xscaper Arts

Xscaper Arts is located in the heart of Main St Unionville (a very unlikely place for an escape room).  Before we even tried the rooms, the staff were very eager to show us the rooms even before playing.

Mystery Room

Mystery Room is one of the larger escape room complexes .  Our group tried (at the time) the two hardest rooms.

September 11

AT Escape

AT Escape is located near Yonge and Sheppard, in a small bungalow.  When you walk in you definitely fit in everything they did, but somehow it works.  More on the review!