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June 16

Reviews to come

Hey Guys, sorry for the massive delay.  Between Terminus and the real world, we’ve been super busy. Here are some reviews to look forward to (once we get a breather): Mike Crux Niagara – the night before Cruxmas Crux Niagara – Dead Air The Hour – Mutiny at the Hour Murdoch Mysteries – Secret of […]

July 02

Escaping July – Canadian Caper

So we’ve been working on a little project for the last few months.  We’re part of a team that’s going to host a One-Day-Only Theatrical Live Escape Event. The Theme is a Speakeasy set in the 1920’s that is run by the Don. It’ll be a large format game where you will be in the room […]

Old favourites

50 posts and over 25 Escape Venues later, we still find ourselves going back to our first love ESC-IT.

Our adventures so far…

We got bored and started to map out all the places we have been to thus far and holy cannoli we’ve really circled the GTA. We’ve found that most people aren’t as addicted as us and focus on the geographical locations, so hopefully this map helps (we even added stars for ‘Our Top Spots’ and […]

Our Top Spots, Glossary and Wishlists!

Ever wonder what we mean when we say TaoBao.com? We’ve added a Glossary to help translate those bits. Also we have added Our Top Spots. Of the 20++ we have visited we feel that these rooms were the crème de la crème, but we’ll keep updating it as we try new and exciting places (like Omescape this weekend!).

Updates and Upgrades!

With the holiday season coming up and presents on your mind, what better gift to give than the gift of a room escape experience! Well at least that was what I mentioned to my wife for her office secret-santa (until she shut me down), but at the very least if you’re enthusiasts like us you’ll be glad […]