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April 08

Lost Canada

Lost Canada is located in Downtown Toronto on the intersection of Queen and Markham St (the irony of it being a tech heavy place).  We were greeted at the door by an extension cable that ran to the top of the stairs where the reception area was.  The lobby was cloudy (probably because of renovations) and […]

January 28

Room Escape Adventures

Room Escape Adventures (REA) is located downtown near Queen and Spadina.  The room is located in the basement of a renovated complex (we almost walked by it).  We had vouchers for REA and never found the opportunity to use them (we were waiting on some of our other friends to join us).  Finally we decided […]

January 20

Escape Games – Round 2

Escape Games is located right near Downsview Station at Dufferin and Sheppard.  We decided to write a fresh review to better represent their new practices and updates.  Without a doubt Escape Games is striving to produce the best escape game experience out there.  They now have a briefing room where they play the intro video […]

January 16

Seven Rooms

Seven Rooms is located on the edge of Markham in a commercial area.  They are one of the new entries into the Markham area since November.  The interesting thing is that they also promote Bubble Tea, Mahjong and a sneaker display (imagine a small corner of the building dedicated to just showing shiny sneakers). When […]

January 14


NextRelic is located near to Scarborough Town Center and right across the street from Breakout Team Adventures.  We have wanted to visit them for quite a while, but they shut down a few months ago for renovations.  We’ve driven by a few times and didn’t realize that we actually needed to book ahead (hint hint). The lobby […]

December 23

Live Escape – Updated March 3, 2015

Live Escape is located in Scarborough in a strip plaza right beside a card shop.  It is part of the november wave of new locations, and almost fell off our radar.  We were invited to come and check out their scariest room the Nursery Nightmares. Gamemasters Victor and Elena were glad to show off their […]

December 20

Xscaper Arts – Scarborough

Xscaper Arts’ second location is located in Scarborough just around Sheppard and Midland. After having a great experience on our re-visit of Inception, we were invited to try out their General’s Tomb on grand opening night. The lobby is definitely a little more cramped compared to their Markham location, but Gamemaster Marco assured us that the […]

December 02


Omescape is located in Markham, just near the 404 – Steeles exit.  Omescape is a franchise from big cities like Beijing and San Francisco.  We were invited to check out their facility which we were eager to visit since it was our first franchise review.

November 21

PANI.Q. Room Escapes

PANI.Q is located in Mississauga one of only two in that part of that city (unlike Markham and Scarborough where new ones seem to pop up every month).  After some friendly Twitter banter we decided to make the trip over to Mississauga and see what PANI.Q  was all about. We were greeted by gamemaster John who was […]


Triango is located in Scarborough, very close to Scarborough Town Centre.  We were in withdrawal after going to so many good (and bad) places last week that we needed a quick fix.  Looking at the master list we noticed the only place close to us left was Triango.  We called them at night and it seemed they […]