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July 20

Xscaper Arts – Kingsman

Xscaper Arts is located in the heart of Main St Unionville on the ground floor of an old church.  It has been a while since we’ve been back to visit Gamemaster Mark, but when we heard about Kingsman Team Mardi and Miby hopped across town to try their latest room.

July 13

Escaping July – Gamemaster Spotlight

Hi eveyone! Its hot, the PAN AM games are here and this is the time of year I usually hibernate into air-conditioned-goodness. For the next few days, we’re going to do a few posts dedicated to the hardworking people behind the scenes of our favourite places, the Gamesmasters.  We love talking to them, so we want to […]

NextRelic, News and More

So we went a little cray cray this Saturday, so here’s where we went.

Happy New Year!

Its been a great holiday season, but now it’s back to business and more importantly escaping.   We didn’t get to escape as much as planned, but played a few fun ones over the holidays.

December 20

Xscaper Arts – Scarborough

Xscaper Arts’ second location is located in Scarborough just around Sheppard and Midland. After having a great experience on our re-visit of Inception, we were invited to try out their General’s Tomb on grand opening night. The lobby is definitely a little more cramped compared to their Markham location, but Gamemaster Marco assured us that the […]

Escaping Christmas!

We’ve been on a semi-hiatus to catch up on christmas shopping, but with everything winding down again looks like we’ll have more time to escape!  We’ve recently been back to a few old favourites in the meantime.

Updates and Upgrades!

With the holiday season coming up and presents on your mind, what better gift to give than the gift of a room escape experience! Well at least that was what I mentioned to my wife for her office secret-santa (until she shut me down), but at the very least if you’re enthusiasts like us you’ll be glad […]

Mr. Escape (Part 2) , Xscaper Arts’ Inception and De Code Adventures

What a weekend, here’s what we did.

ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts Revisited

We decided to revisit ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts after our adventures last week to see how they measured up.  Both ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts reviews have been updated for the new rooms (Mission Museum and Entrapment).

Xscaper Arts

Xscaper Arts is located in the heart of Main St Unionville (a very unlikely place for an escape room).  Before we even tried the rooms, the staff were very eager to show us the rooms even before playing.