Escape Room Directory

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Adventure Rooms – Niagara (WEBSITE)
AT Escape
AT Escape – The Magic Room
Breakout Team Adventures (WEBSITE)
Casa Loma Escape Series – Escape from the Tower (WEBSITE)
Captive – Cabinet of Curiousities
Claustrophobia – The Laboratory (WEBSITE)
De Code Adventures (WEBSITE)
Decipher Rooms (WEBSITE)
ESC-IT – Dungeon of Despair
Escape From The 6 (WEBSITE)
Escape Games – Haunting of Noriko
Escape Games – End of the Line
Escape Games – Syndicate Relic Heist
Escape Games – The Unknown
Escape London – Apocalypse
Escape London – Lost
Escape London – Mad Tea Party
Escape Manor – The Asylum
Escape Manor – The Darkness
Escape Manor – Wine Cellar Escape
Escape Matrix – (Heist) (WEBSITE)
Escape Maze – One Room Schoolhouse (WEBSITE)
Escape Newmarket – The Archealogists Discovery
Escape Newmarket – The Heist
Escape Room Niagara Falls (WEBSITE)
EscapeZone (WEBSITE)
Exit Strategy – Prison Break (WEBSITE)
Exodus Escape Rooms – Gemini (WEBSITE)
Freeing Canada – Mission Incredible
Freeing Canada – Unmask
Freeing Canada – Painters Murderer
Freeing Canada – Black Swan
Gr8Escape – B&B Breakout (WEBSITE)
Great Escape (WEBSITE)
Improbable Escape – The Great Escape (WEBSITE)
iEscaped (WEBSITE)
Jigsaw Escape Rooms – The Cabin (WEBSITE)
Live Escape (WEBSITE)
Locked-IN Room Escape (WEBSITE)
LockQuest (WEBSITE)
Looking Glass Adventures (WEBSITE)
Lost Canada (WEBSITE)
Lost City – Castle in the sky (WEBSITE)
Mission 45 (WEBSITE)
Mr. Escape (WEBSITE)
Mystery Escape Room – The Museum Heist (WEBSITE)
Mystery Room – Downsview
Mystery Room – Downtown – Space Odyssey
NextRelic (WEBSITE)
Omescape – The Penitentiary
Origin Room Break (WEBSITE)
PANI.Q. Room Escapes (WEBSITE)
Perplexity Escape Games
Perplexity Escape Games – The Elevator
Prison Breaker (WEBSITE)
Real Escape Games – Escape from the Mysterious Room
Real Escape Games – Escape from the Time Travel Lab
Real Escape Games – Escape from the Bank
Riddle Room – Missing Anatomy
Riddle Room – Static
Riddle Room – Luci’s Room
Riddle Room – Framed
Room Escape Adventures (WEBSITE)
Roundabout – The Prisoner
S.Caper’s Break Out Zone – Old Western Jail (WEBSITE)
Seven Rooms (WEBSITE)
The Great Escape Canada
The Great Escape Canada – The Da Vinci Code
The Hour (WEBSITE)
Trapped (WEBSITE)
Trapped! – Diamond Heist
Triango (WEBSITE)
Xscape Zone (WEBSITE)
Xscaper Arts (Markham)
Xscaper Arts (Scarborough)
Xscaper Arts – Kingsman
Xspace (WEBSITE)
Xtreme Escape Adventures – Airport Explosion (WEBSITE)
Ye Olde Dandy’s – The Sleasy Speakeasy – Puzzle Campaign (WEBSITE)