December 29


Omescape – Red Admiral

Omescape Scarborough is located in Scarborough, just off the 401 and Kennedy.  This time we had a super team of Team Vada and Team Olienne.  We heard from other enthusiasts that this room was a hard one.

Long story short: You are spies in the cold war era and your mission was to gather data.  Now it seems the Red Admiral wants to meet you, you have a chance to end the war.

Creativity and Design: Did it sell the story / theme?
Summary: A high production room that leave you wanting for more.

+ a massive room with many different types of ‘tests’ for players
+ Good use of audio and visual effects that built up a real sense of suspense

Bells and Whistles: Was it more than lockboxes?
Summary:  Lots of wow factor, with well placed tech.

+ many different tech elements used throughout the room
+ most importantly, no tech hiccups
+ good environmental and puzzle cohesion with tech
+ Very impressive moments in the beginning and end of the game.

:  Did you have to be inside the designer’s mind to solve it?
Summary: A tricky room, but an experienced team should be able to complete it

+ Not for the faint of heart, however our team finished it with 5-10 min left
+ The puzzles provide enough direction with only minor logic leaps
+ Responsive walkie talkie hint system.

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

The staff and gamemasters are friendly as always.  Now with 3 games plus Epic Runner ( which if you have a group of 8-14 friends, we highly recommend it) the location is now as busy as their Markham location.

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Overall:  Omescape Scarborough seems to have a sibling rivalry with Omescape Markham trying to “one up” its previous games, Red Admiral is an example of that.  If you like high production games with bite, this is the room for you.

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