September 19

Escape OK – Top Secret Mission

Escape Ok is located in Richmond Hill just north of Major Mac on Yonge St, in an old plaza by an All-Star wings.  A relatively new entry to the escape scene, we asked around, but none of our friends had tried it.  This time we went with Team K-Pop to try it with no expectations, […]

September 19

#REDivas EP70 – Russell Leasure on being an Excellent GM

In this podcast, the Divas chat with Russell Leasure, who will be holding a seminar at Transworld’s Escape Room Conference called How to Unlock Your Game Master’s Potential. Errol also shares his love of ghosting.

September 18

Nowayout – Van Escape

NoWayOut  is located in Brampton in a not-so-easy-to-get-to plaza.  It has been a while since our last visit, but we heard the Van Escape was being retired, so we decided to make the trip there.

September 18

#REDivas EP69 – Escape Rooms in Conventions with Delaney Anderson

Manda and Errol discuss with Delaney Anderson and her crew of Portable Escapes the ins and outs of escape rooms at comic conventions!

September 17

Trapped – Chaos Effect

Trapped is located in Markham, on Highway 7 and Woodbine.  It was nearly a year and a half before we’ve been back to Trapped, who finally finished their final room.  We tagged along with the super team E4G, to try to tackle their hardest room.

September 14

EGR: Year Four

We are feeling a bit guilty for forgetting our own Escape (blog) anniversary.  Year Four was a bit of a quiet one after the rollercoaster that was Year 3. As the number of escape rooms in our area whittle down, we find ourselves more on the road to try new experiences.  We’ve also branched out […]

August 21

#REDivas EP68 – Escape Rooms in Schools and Libraries with Steph Frey

Stephanie Frey hosts the Games in Schools & Libraries podcast on Inverse Genius, and we got the chance to talk about her work creating escape rooms in libraries, doing an escape room camp, and using escape rooms to help educate children!

August 21

Confundrum – New Haven

Confundrum is located in Burlington Ontario.  This time we had the full #REDivas teams tackle their latest room, New Haven.

August 20

#REDivas EP67 – The Future of Escape Room Narrative

Jasper Wille joins us to talk about “Meaningful Choice”.  Jasper Wille is a narrative designer and has been active in the world of Real Life Experiences since the early arrival of Escape Rooms in Western-Europe. Listen in as they discuss the future of escape room narrative.

July 13


Looking Glass Adventures is located on the Danforth near Victoria Park.  Looking Glass has changed locations, and to our glee has new rooms and MORE SPACE!  We’ve been struggling to make time to visit them but finally saw them a few weeks ago.  This time around we went with Team KPop, who are powerhouse solvers […]