madfox July 22

Real Escape Game – The Trial of the Mad Fox Society

After some meticulous planning we made our way to REG’s (or SCRAP’s) – Trial of the Mad Fox Society, their newest entry in Toronto.  We found out later this room was called “Escape the Puzzle Room”, which we’ll get more into later.  We had a super team composed of Escapers4G, the other #REDivas (Errol, Manda), […]

avatars-000220472939-fub1rg-t500x500 July 20

#REDivas Ep13 – Road Trip with Scott Nicholson

We get another chance to do Escape Rooms with Scott Nicholson, who gives his input on some of the good and bad that Kitchener had to offer. Errol also asked the Enthusiast group for some questions, and we try to tackle them! Also a big announcement! For stories about trains, vaults and more, check out […]

stationM July 20

Casa Loma Escape Series – Station M

The Casa Loma Escape Series is located at Casa Loma in Toronto.  Station M is their third room and continues the tradition of using this historical site.  We were part of a super team consisting of Escapers4G, the other #REDivas (Errol, Manda, with Ekko and Memes) and EGR’s Kayphen.  We were surprised to find out […]

perplexity July 20

Perplexity – Criminal Binds

Perplexity Escape Games is located in Brampton at 410 and Steeles.  We were eager to revisit after our fun experiences with Kate’s Motel and the Elevator.  The main reason however way to play with our good friends the Elumir’s (Errol, Ekko), Manda and Errol’s Sister (who was visiting from Calgary).

avatars-000220472939-fub1rg-t500x500 July 12

#REDivas Ep 12 – The Puzzle Hunt Community with Dan Egnor

An intro to the puzzle hunt community by Dan Egnor, who runs the Puzzle Hunt Calendar, the first Escape Room Directory in North America, and also a member of the design team for many puzzle hunts including BANG 35. Without Dan’s directory, we wouldn’t have found half the escape rooms that we’ve done. We talk about […]

EscapeKey July 12

Escape Key – Emerald Alert

Escape Key is located in a commercial complex in Brantford.  It was our final room on our Hamilton/Brantford trip.  The interesting thing with Escape Key is that there were two puzzle paths.  The first was related to the main story which we would need to escape, the second was for extra points (which at the end […]

avatars-000220472939-fub1rg-t500x500 July 06

#REDIVAS EP11 – Interview with Edwin Tsui, owner of The Locked Room

We interview our first owner! Edwin Tsui of The Locked Room.  We did a spotlight of Edwin and his crew a few months ago and we check in again with him to discuss a few interesting things he’s been up to. Errol sends us on a timewarp back to the 80’s with a parody of a […]

thecrux July 06

The Crux Escape Rooms – The Voodoo Room

The Crux is located in a strip plaza in Hamilton.  It was our second escape of the day with our friends Errol, Manda and our special guest.  The 3 of them played Aunt Edna’s Condo earlier in the day, which definitely built up their anticipation for the Voodoo room.  The lobby has a few large tables where you […]

avatars-000220472939-fub1rg-t500x500 July 04

#REDivas Ep10 – Escape Rooms – 1st & 2nd Gen

The divas get together and discuss a few questions they were asked on social media: Thoughts on 1st and 2nd generation of Escape Rooms The future of escape rooms There were more topics, of course, but the first question was so interesting to talk about! Thanks to all of you who sent something in! Thanks […]

ZZx0bTpI July 04

The [?] Adventure – The Parent Trap

The [?] Adventure is located in downtown Hamilton.  We made the trip out to Hamilton with our friends Errol, Manda and a special guest.  We have been meaning to visit for a while, because one of the GMs is a friend of ours, GM Mike (who we’ve played a few rooms with).  The facility is well lit […]


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