June 05

Perplexity – Lost and Found

Perplexity Escape Games has a new Mississauga location located at near 407 and Bramalea Rd in a commercial complex.  We were excited to hear Perplexity had new rooms, even more so that they had a NEW location.  We came along with our friends E4G and Team K-Pop for some friendly competition. Advertisements

June 04

#REDivas EP 62 – Hint Giving in Escape Rooms

All the Divas are back to talk about Hint Giving in Escape Rooms! http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2018/3/30/62-hint-giving-in-escape-rooms

June 04

#REDivas EP 60- Chatting with E4G’s Codegreen

Errol and Manda were busy, so we chat with their friend E4G’s CodeGreen (aka Leader) about life with escape rooms, travelling and how things have changed for them in Toronto. http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2018/3/2/60-chatting-with-e4gs-codegreen-aka-leader

May 29

Omescape – Defend the magic academy

Omescape Scarborough is located in Scarborough, just off the 401 and Kennedy.  This time we had the super team “Team Awesome” joining us.  This is the “final” (as far as we know) room at the Scarborough location, Long story short: You are academy students with the mission to reseal a portal in your school, before it unleashes […]

May 08

Crypto Escape Rooms – Kilgore Cabin

Crypto Escape Rooms is located in Newmarket, just off the 404, on Davis Dr.  Its located on the upper floor of a building shared with a bowling alley.  We revived Team MarDi for the occasion (since they live near the area).  We were greeted by GMs Stephen, Mags and new staff, who still made time […]

May 08

#REDivas – EP59 ER Design Course with Scott Nicholson

If you don’t know Scott Nicholson, he is a Professor of Game Design and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario and the director of the Brantford Game Network game lab (BGNlab). And he ran a Escape Room Design course! How awesome is that?! ^_^ Listen in as we talk about the course, and the final escape event […]

April 26

#REDivas EP 58 and 61 – Cryptex Hunt

In playing catchup, we thought it’d be appropriate to combine these episodes in a post. If you didn’t know already Errol was working on a Puzzle Hunt for Justin Nevins the creator of the awesomely handcrafted Cryptex Security boxes. In the EP 58 we talk about puzzle hunts and Justin speaks on what it’s like […]

April 26

Opps! It’s already 2018

Hello fellow Escapers It’s been a busy year (outside the world of escapes) for us, so we’re playing catch up.  At this point we’re only done 3 escapes (yes we know how sad that number is). We’ll be posting the other 2 reviews soon (we just posted Outbreak’s) If anyone has questions or rooms you […]

April 26

Outbreak Escape Games – Animal Hackers

Outbreak Escape Games is located in Downtown Toronto not far from Casa Loma.    Outbreak is somewhat hidden in an alley, but there was a small street sign which guided us.  We were greeted by GM Lawrence, who had a personalized sign for us and big smile as always.  Joining us was Team Awesome who […]

January 26

#REDivas 57 – Immersive Escape Rooms with Strange Bird

Manda and Errol join Haley and Cameron Cooper, professional actors who run Strange Bird Immersive (Haley also has a wonderful blog called Immersology), to discuss Immersive Theatre, Escape Rooms, and combining them to create a whole new experience. Errol has been busy developing the Cryptex Hunt, there is no song again. The interview is fantastic though! This topic is […]