May 08

Crypto Escape Rooms – Kilgore Cabin

Crypto Escape Rooms is located in Newmarket, just off the 404, on Davis Dr.  Its located on the upper floor of a building shared with a bowling alley.  We revived Team MarDi for the occasion (since they live near the area).  We were greeted by GMs Stephen, Mags and new staff, who still made time […]

May 08

#REDivas – EP59 ER Design Course with Scott Nicholson

If you don’t know Scott Nicholson, he is a Professor of Game Design and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario and the director of the Brantford Game Network game lab (BGNlab). And he ran a Escape Room Design course! How awesome is that?! ^_^ Listen in as we talk about the course, and the final escape event […]

April 26

#REDivas EP 58 and 61 – Cryptex Hunt

In playing catchup, we thought it’d be appropriate to combine these episodes in a post. If you didn’t know already Errol was working on a Puzzle Hunt for Justin Nevins the creator of the awesomely handcrafted Cryptex Security boxes. In the EP 58 we talk about puzzle hunts and Justin speaks on what it’s like […]

April 26

Opps! It’s already 2018

Hello fellow Escapers It’s been a busy year (outside the world of escapes) for us, so we’re playing catch up.  At this point we’re only done 3 escapes (yes we know how sad that number is). We’ll be posting the other 2 reviews soon (we just posted Outbreak’s) If anyone has questions or rooms you […]

April 26

Outbreak Escape Games – Animal Hackers

Outbreak Escape Games is located in Downtown Toronto not far from Casa Loma.    Outbreak is somewhat hidden in an alley, but there was a small street sign which guided us.  We were greeted by GM Lawrence, who had a personalized sign for us and big smile as always.  Joining us was Team Awesome who […]

January 26

#REDivas 57 – Immersive Escape Rooms with Strange Bird

Manda and Errol join Haley and Cameron Cooper, professional actors who run Strange Bird Immersive (Haley also has a wonderful blog called Immersology), to discuss Immersive Theatre, Escape Rooms, and combining them to create a whole new experience. Errol has been busy developing the Cryptex Hunt, there is no song again. The interview is fantastic though! This topic is […]

January 26

Keymaster Escape Rooms – Expelled

Keymasters is located in Hamilton Ontario pretty close the QEW on the way to Niagara. We were looking for a quick room to do after visiting the BGN for an escape event (Framed in the Past) done by Dr. Scott Nicholson’s class.  This time we had the full #REDivas team and were hoping for a […]

January 25

#REDivas 56 – A Year in Review

We look back at a year of great and not so great escapes.  Also .. we did alot of stuff! Don’t miss it:

December 30

Escape Games Canada – Curse of Crooked Creek

Escape Games Canada has a second location in Mississauga located in a business park.  We were itching to do something over the Thanksgiving weekend and decided to dive into their latest.  Playing with us was #REDivas Errol , two out-of-towners and Elan Lee (who was also featured in one of our #REDivas episodes).

December 29

Confundrum – Twisted Woods

Confundrum is located in Burlington Ontario.  This time we had 3/4 of the #REDivas with Manda, Ruby and I.  We had been hearing great things about Twisted Woods so we made the trek out to Burlington to visit this gem.