September 10

EGR: Year Three

Year 3 was full of many new and enriching experiences . Ruby and I finally got to travel abroad and do some escape rooms… I guess running out of escapes is great motivation to travel. An exciting milestone was hosting a Room Escape Diva podcast at Transworld’s Room Escape Conference in Niagara Falls, Buffalo.  Between […]

September 08

#REDivas EP47 – Escape Room Design: Intro to Story and Narrative

In this episode Manda gives an intro talk on Story and Narrative in escape rooms!  If you attended her seminar at the 2017 Unconference in Brantford, this might sound familiar. A great primer for any NEW owners or just a fun listen. Don’t miss it:

September 08

The Crux – Saboteur

This is a bit of a tricky to write about because “The Crux” has recently joined forces with “The ? Adventure”, however we played when it was the latter (so we’ll talk about our experience as is).  We were on a trip to re-conquer the Hamilton region and this was our final stop of the […]

September 01

#REDivas EP46 – Historical Escapes with Escape Maze and Scott Nicholson

The Divas do a public podcast at Escape Maze during #Escapemazeday ! Jake Walling and Fred Preddy, owners of Escape Maze, along with Dr. Scott Nicholson to talk about Historical Escapes and upcoming projects!

September 01

Murdoch Mysteries Escape Series – Secret of Station House # 4

Secret of Station House no. 4 is located on Beverly St in Downtown Toronto, and it is hosted by Secret City Adventures (the titans who release the SCRAP/Casa Loma games).  We had booked this months in advance anticipating the massive demand for their games and our large group (which included the #REDivas, E4G, EGR’s Kayphen, […]

August 25

#REDivas EP45 – Not Exactly Escape Rooms

In this episode, we discuss some of our local events that don’t fit the standard definition of an escape room. Escape events, scavenger escapes, escape room boardgames (which you can read about on Errol’s site “A Guide To Escape Room Board Games.”), there are a number of ways to get your escape room fix if […]

August 25

Omescape – Shutdown

Omescape Scarborough is located in Scarborough, just off the 401 and Kennedy.  This time we brought our ace players: Team Kayphen and Chewy.  We knew wouldn’t need their skillset for their latest room Shutdown because we heard it was made for beginners.

August 21

The Hour – Mutiny at the Hour

The Hour is located in downtown St. Catharines Ontario on St. Paul St.  We have been eager to return here after hearing so many good things about Mutiny from other enthusiasts like RoomEscapeArtist.  Since our last visit, the hour moved to a much bigger location which could easily hold 6-8 rooms along with another rec […]

August 16

Escape Maze’s Play Day and More fun.

Hello Escapers, Sorry for the LONG delay in posts, but we’re slowly getting caught up on everything A.T (After Terminus).  Just a few small announcements –  Scott Nicholson and The #REDivas and will be at Escape Maze’s (Enthusiast) Play Day .  The Divas will be recording a live session midday and be there all day for games. […]

August 16

#REDivas Ep44 – Terminus Debrief: ER on a Train

As you may know, the Divas and Panic Factory joined up to create a three hour escape room event on a moving train! This TWO HOUR podcast is a post-mortem as we discuss the insanity and headaches involved in running a large scale escape event! And the parody was performed and written by James Cobalt! Thanks James! […]