June 25

The GTA – 2019/2020

Because of so many projects lining up, we won’t have time for full reviews, but definitely want to leave a few words (or more) about some of the rooms we’ve done around Toronto and the surrounding area (the GTA) in the last year. Crypto Escape Rooms – The Lost Shipwreck Crypto continues to live up […]

June 23

Escape Trip 2019 – Montreal

** Sorry for the delay, COVID has basically put our lives on pause, but as everything is slowly starting up again, we decided to prioritize our last few reviews.  With Quebec being open, we wanted to share our previous trip. With not many escape rooms to do in the Toronto area we ventured off to […]

January 27

Escape Trip 2019 – Houston

Continuing from our New Orleans trip, we knew we wanted to visit Houston for one particular room Strange Bird Immersive’s – The Man from Beyond.  We found out too late that their renovations were still in progress, so we were bummed.  Instead we got to hang out with Haley and Cameron Cooper (the braintrust behind […]

January 23

Daydream Adventures – Dream Portal

We’ve been on several Escape Room droughts through the year, but decided to tag along to do an escape room with our friend Lizette (and the rest of the Divas+Ekko).  Daydream Adventures is located on the Danforth in Toronto which is a bit of a trek for us, but Errol basically lives next door to […]

January 22

Escape Trip 2019 – New Orleans/Baton Rouge

Trying to do over 20 reviews from our trips in 2019 seems a bit daunting, so we’ll do our best to give some guidance based on our own experiences.  Big shoutouts to our friends who gave us advice on what to cherry pick. With our fellow Diva Manpans (from Room Escape Divas) we decided to […]

January 22

Its been a lazy 2019

Happy 2020 Embarrassingly we have been very behind on reviews.  It’s been a lazy 2019-2020 and we need to update our “WE PLAYED THIS BUT HAVEN’T REVIEWED IT LIST”.  Thankfully we haven’t done many more escape rooms in 2019, but we should probably start to review a few.  We’ll probably also review the other major […]

August 12

Escape Trip 2019 – Buffalo

Hey everyone, its been a while.  In lieu of full reviews, we’ll give some abbreviated reviews for some of our travels.  Our most recent trip to Buffalo we finally got to visit 5Wits and Escape City Buffalo, but primarily to hang out with our friends, Dawn (aka Zwicked) and Ryan (who I’m calling Major Help). […]

June 21

More rooms and not enough reviews

Hello!  Its been a while but we feel more worldly after trying some top notch escapes.  We have a bunch of rooms we will be reviewing for Toronto and the GTA and may do an overview of our recent Buffalo, New Orleans and Houston trip.  These are some of the rooms we have done.  If […]

May 25

Escape Maze – The Shaft (2018)

We had just spent the majority of our day in Peterborough doing the rooms at PTBO Escape (Run by the same people behind Escape Maze) and were offered to do “The Shaft”.  If you haven’t read our other reviews on this room it is located in the basement of the Escape Maze barn.  Every year the […]

May 25

PTBO Escape – Time Machine Rescue

PTBO Escape is located in Peterborough Ontario in Lansdowne Place Mall,  they are owned and operated by the team at Escape Maze.  Because we knew this, we were eager to swing into town to visit the Escape Maze team and try out their latest and greatest.  With us was Team Kpop, who are Owner/Enthusiasts as […]