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October 23

#REDivas EP72 – The Escape Room Industry in Asia with Yolanda Chiu

Escape Rooms pretty much started in Asia, and their market has matured over the years. The Divas have a great chat with Yolanda Chiu of Asia Escape Game. She’s from Taiwan and has been doing research on the escape room industry in Asia. Manda first met her when Yolanda gave a talk about at Up The Game 2018. […]

September 19

#REDivas EP70 – Russell Leasure on being an Excellent GM

In this podcast, the Divas chat with Russell Leasure, who will be holding a seminar at Transworld’s Escape Room Conference called How to Unlock Your Game Master’s Potential. Errol also shares his love of ghosting. http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2018/7/20/y5q09q7x7po6f6jxll21figwqkk5wh

September 18

#REDivas EP69 – Escape Rooms in Conventions with Delaney Anderson

Manda and Errol discuss with Delaney Anderson and her crew of Portable Escapes the ins and outs of escape rooms at comic conventions! http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2018/7/13/69-escape-rooms-in-conventions-with-delaney-anderson

August 20

#REDivas EP71 – Errol Visits Boston Escape Rooms!

Errol talks about his Boston trip.  Listen in as Errol talks and talks and talks about his experiences with Boston Escape Rooms (and himself). http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2018/8/3/71-errol-visits-boston-escape-rooms

October 16

#REDivas EP50 – The Worst Escape Room Ever

This week we talk about “The Worst Escape Room Ever”, and that’s saying alot for people who’ve played over 200 rooms (each).  They may decide on opening it again, so be aware that there will be spoilers.  And if you’ve heard of one worse than that, contact us! You can read our initial take HERE . […]

June 15

#REDivas EP 8 – Canadian Caper & Theatrical Escapes

The Canadian Caper team assembles to discuss our Theatrical Live Escape Events! Special guests: Yuri Chumak Jen Fehr Will Hutcheson Errol’s daughter Zoe, performs his Speakeasy song for the intro!  Which turns out amazing. To catch the whole thing, click below! http://www.inversegenius.com/roomescapedivas/2016/6/14/redivas-08-canadian-caper-theatrical-escapes SPOILER ALERT: “A Night at the Wedding” has been licensed to an escape company in […]

May 04

#REDivas (Ep2) – Ottawa Escape Room Weekend

We’ve released the second episode of #REDivas (Room Escape Divas Podcast). Hear us rant for 1 whole hour!  For the best rants fast forward to 30:00 min.  Also check out the catchy intro by Errol and Manda. (I couldn’t chat much, driving plus recording don’t mix)

April 27

Room Escape Divas – EP1

As with the majority of how our projects come up, it started with Errol: LET’S DO A _____________ In this case it was a podcast. Brought to you by the Escape Geniuses Errol and Manda, it started as a funny idea and turned into one long (structured) rant.   Oh.. they invited us too.. so we had a […]