Escaping February – the Big Bang Theory, Niagara Tour, and Team-ups

So this weekend we’re off to our Niagara tour with Team Malan.  A few readers particularly “Team Undefeated” (a local Niagara team who has a 12-1 record of escaping) has given us a heads up of the hot spots there.  Luckily we get to try most of them!  Look forward to some reviews next week.

Tonight we also team up again with our Totoro buddy Errol from Escape Room Addict for a room or two! (But we’ll keep the location a secret for now).  We (well Mike) has been featured in his comic check it out!

Finally did you catch The Big Bang Theory last night?  We didn’t, apparently they went to an Escape Room.  It seems like the mainstream is catching on!

Happy Escaping!