Canadian Caper – A Night at the Speakeasy

So we are 2 days away until A Night at the Speakeasy and things are ramping up.  Emails are flooding in, tickets are being sold and our team is hard at work.

Ruby and I have done our share of event coordination (and in her case she has worked with the most stressful of all… weddings),  but we both feel that Canadian Caper has been an interesting and eye-opening experience.

Our puzzle and immersion experts Errol and Manda have crafted an great set of puzzles while assembling some great talent for, (what we hope is) a unique and fun experience.

CCSpeakeasyMoviePoster - actually fixed
If you want to see some of the talent behind the event, click here to see Debs perform Blue Skies
If you like spoilers and/or red-herrings:  You can wonder what this box has to do with our event.

Finally if you like pictures of grumpy pets ……
 COvkcTwWcAAQI7f… But don’t read too much into it Q-TIP (yes that’s his name).. is always grumpy*.  And no he won’t be at the event.

If you see us there, say hi!  (Also use our Promo code EGR when buying tickets)

Happy Escaping, we hope to see you there!

Mike from the EGR Team.

**. no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post

We are also looking for people to REVIEW our event (cause we’re not going to do it ourselves),
please email us if you are interested.