Escaping April 2016 – Events and Podcasts

Its taken a while for us to wind down after the whirlwind that CC: A Night at the Wedding caused (not to mention house buying/selling… which is a story for another day).  We promise we’ll write something interesting about it.

But we have two amazing summary articles on it from a designers perspective by our friends Errol and Manda.


We are headed to Ottawa and Hamilton/Brantford over the next few weeks.

It seems Ottawa has boomed with several new escapes so we hope to hit them all! Lockdown, Room Escape Ottawa, Tick Tock, and Mystery Motel.  We’re returning to Escape Manor (both locations) and Jigsaw.

For Hamilton/Brantford we’re looking forward to visiting The [?] Adventure , The Crux and Escape Key (which we’ve heard only great things about).


Some awesome bloggers in the UK have started a new podcast Escape from Reality by Mark @ Really Fun UK  and Ken @ The Logic Escapes Me.  We wish them the best and for many, many more episodes to come! (We know we’ll be listening)

Look out for blog updates, as the blog has become somewhat frumpy!

Happy Escaping