The GTA – 2019/2020

Because of so many projects lining up, we won’t have time for full reviews, but definitely want to leave a few words (or more) about some of the rooms we’ve done around Toronto and the surrounding area (the GTA) in the last year.

Crypto Escape Rooms – The Lost Shipwreck

Crypto continues to live up to one of the best facilities in the GTA.  The Lost Shipwreck only cements their spot as a world-class facility.  Lots of attention to the narrative and gameplay aspects that is gravy to the already great production quality of the room.
World travellers and local players should not miss ANY of Crypto’s rooms, it’s worth the drive to Newmarket.

Imaginarium – Wrath of Amun Ra / The Grand Wilshire Hotel

Imaginarium is relatively new to Toronto, but rivals some of the best in the city.  In terms of set design quality they may very well be the BEST on that front.  It has been a while since we did their rooms (which was in the first 1-2 months of operation), but The Grand Wilshire Hotel had so many fun details in the room, it was like literally walking onto a movie set.  Wrath of Amun Ra has well designed but had a few puzzle hiccups we weren’t crazy about, but these have probably changed since our visit.   Imaginarium is a MUST-SEE in Toronto and our favourite in that part of Toronto.

Escape Revolution – Lockdown / AI Martyrdom

Escape Revolution is probably best described as the passion project of a very dedicated enthusiast.  There are lots of fun and unique things in their rooms that separate them from the pack.  I would highly recommend this for enthusiasts, but only bring a max of 6 people.

Omescape – Nyctophobia: Fear of the dark

Omescape Scarborough came out with this room a while ago, and it is easily our favourite “DARK ROOM” ever.  It rides the balance of not being for the faint of heart, but also not trying to be a wanna-be Haunt attraction .. You have more to fear from your teammates (and yourself) than the room itself.   Also it’s probably recommended you do this room with friends that you know, we didn’t, and it made for awkward encounters.

Labyrinth Escape Rooms – Mission Dreadnought

Labyrinth has improved their games with every iteration.  Mission Dreadnought is good, but not our favourite at this facility.

Hunt Hunt – Torpedo

The set design is nice, but the room feels really cramped for what it is.  The thing that bothers us is the price per room which was a bit high for the experience.

The Crux – The Clinic / The Cell

One of the things we like about these rooms is the gameplay.  Rob (one of the main designers for the Crux) has really nailed down the formula for smooth rooms and even though they don’t have high production value, they are fun.  We liked that the Cell pokes fun at itself, which sort of reminds us of “Murder Mystery Trivia” from Jackbox games.

Lift Lock – Judgement Day

We did this room when we were in town to do PTBO rooms in Peterborough.  It feels like Lift Lock still has quite a bit to catch up in terms of all facets, but there is potential.

Trivia Escape Room

We did the 90’s TV room and it wasn’t so much Escape room as it was more trivia based.  This is basically the hardest example of “Outside Knowledge Required” room.

Secret City Adventures – Dragon Song

This sort of reminded us of “The Tower” in a Fantasy setting.   If you’ve done their other Casaloma escape and enjoyed them, you may enjoy this as they’re using the same formula.  We didn’t find it amazing, but it’s one of the only offerings in the city that uses Live Actors in the room.

Next Level – Tesla’s Time Machine

The makers of Keymaster escapes and Alcatraz decided to combine forces for Next Level.  Tesla’s Time Machine is a fun steam-punk adventure.   Great production quality and fun room overall, we hope to revisit Next Level to see what else they’ve come up with.

NOWAYOUT – Earthquake

We liked the concept of the earthquake room, but felt it was too short in some ways.  The set design was nice, but the narrative in the room felt a bit confusing as we progressed through.

Escape Game Canada – Pathogen

Pathogen is the successor to Syndicate with a few upgrades and layout changes.  There are some neat environmental effects, but it is pretty much the same game.