NextRelic, News and More

So we went a little cray cray this Saturday, so here’s where we went.

The Crime Scene – NextRelic – We’ve been meaning to visit these guys for a while, and took advantage of the deals that have been floating around.  We will be posting a full review this week.  To sum it up minus the polish it had a lot of fun elements.

Gamemaster Leo mentioned that they are in negotiations to open up a second room (and possibly a third room), utilizing another 3000 sq ft of space.

Cursed Toy Store – Xscaper Arts – Our final room at their Scarborough location.  A relatively simple and easy room, we powered through it and got to the “EXIT” (that will make more sense if you play through it).  Some of the first timers in our group thought it was a fun experience.  For our take, we’ll update our Xscaper Arts Scarborough review later this week.

If you haven’t been to Xscaper Arts lately they are also handing out Stamp-cards to return players.  If you play 4 of their rooms then you get the 5th one free.   Gamemaster Marco mentioned that they are working on new rooms at the Markham location , so we hope to see something in the next few months.

Death Note – Trapped – When we called the first time to play Death Note they recommended to bring someone who knew about the anime to give ourselves an advantage.  The first time we played we crawled through and couldn’t get past a critical point.  This time we brought our Death Note expert and flew through the room.  They made minor changes to it that helped with the flow.

Gamemaster Vic also mentioned that they are making a “Part 2” of Death Note and Contaminated Hospital which continues the story of the existing room (but with the room being redesigned).  Its both exciting and interesting since this concept hasn’t been introduced anywhere else yet.   Based on our chat it seems they’ve also made some changes in other rooms based on customer feedback.


We’re also planning to restructure the blog in the next month so look out for concise versions, more precise ratings and ads (Just kidding!).

Happy Escaping!