June 21

More rooms and not enough reviews

Hello!  Its been a while but we feel more worldly after trying some top notch escapes.  We have a bunch of rooms we will be reviewing for Toronto and the GTA and may do an overview of our recent Buffalo, New Orleans and Houston trip.  These are some of the rooms we have done.  If you ever need recommendations, please email us at escapegamesreview@gmail.com

Toronto (ish)

Imaginarium – Wrath of Amun Ra
Imaginarium – The Grand Wilshire Hotel
Escape Revolution – Lockdown
Escape Revolution – AI Martyrdom
Omescape – Nyctophobia: Fear of the dark
Labyrinth Escape Rooms – Mission Dreadnought
Hunt Hunt – Torpedo
The Crux – The Clinic
Lift Lock – Judgement Day
Escape Game Canada – Pathogen


5Wits Buffalo – Drago’s Castle
5Wits Buffalo – Deep Space
5Wits Buffalo – Tomb
Escape City Buffalo – Over the Falls
Escape City Buffalo – Body Collector
Escape City Buffalo – The Hangover

New Orleans / Baton Rouge

Escape My Room – Smuggler’s Den
Escape My Room – Inventor’s Attic
Escape My Room – Mardi Gras Study
Escape My Room – Jazz Parlour
Clue Carre –  French Quarter House of Curiousities
Clue Carre – The Game MuseumAudubon Aquarium of the Americas – Escape Extinction: Sharks
13th Gate – Tomb of Anubis
13th Gate – The Collector
13th Gate – The Asylum
13th Gate – Agent 13
13th Gate – Cutthroat Cavern


The Escape Game – The Playground
The Escape Game – Gold Rush
Escape Again (in Sugarland) – The Hike
Houston Escape Room – Granny Codebreaker